The Violin

Steven MoeckelThe beautiful violin that I am playing on is believed to be a Nicolas Lupot of Paris 1817. (It has yet to be authenticated.) It is truly a joy to find an instrument which so uniquely fits my personality. The dark sound of a French violin has always suited me and the tonal power found in the violins of French makers allows me to produce a wide variety of expressive colors. This violin in particular has an outstanding capacity for projection, which is especially important when playing in halls with poor acoustics. It seems to “sing” easily no matter what demands I place upon it and often feels as though it responds intuitively when I am playing it.

Lastly, this instrument was bought with the generous assistance of many philanthropic people in Tucson, Arizona. In 2006, I stumbled across this violin at an unexpected time and without the funds to purchase it. These benefactors understood my need and generously came together to invest in my career through the purchase of the violin. I will always be grateful to them and their outpouring of support continues to inspire me on a daily basis. For all of us in the Arts, these are the people that give us the opportunity to do what we love and we can only hope that we can give something back through our music.

-Steven Moeckel

For more information on the violin maker Nicolas Lupot, please visit the Antonio Strad Violin Gallery.